How To Get Started In Motorcycle Club Racing

Those that want to get into motorcycle racing will want to become members of a quality motorcycle club.

The Benefits of Motorcycle Racing

Anyone that wants to start motorcycle racing should look at this from a serious nature and not just a whim. It is a well-respected sport. There are many that enjoy this sport for race betting as their gambling entertainment. Then, of course, there are fans that have made this their favourite sport to watch.

Try It First

Before making any investment into a bike and motorcycle racing equipment an interested person should try it first. There may be tracks in the area that will rent out what is needed for an individual to give it a try.

Getting The Racing Licence

Those that want to participate in organized motorcycle racing will need a racing licence to do this. Which means they will want to join a club to start this process. It means finding an Auto Cycle Union (ACU) affiliated organization. The ACU is what regulates this sport.

Then you will be able to get yourself ready to become licenced. This is not automatic just because you joined a club. The next step is completing the competitor training course.

The CTC Course

This course is a combination of in-class training and a basic rider assessment. It means the student has to be subjected to a practical assessment when on the track. This determines the student’s ability to ride.

Submitting the Application

Once the training has been completed successfully an application for the road race licence is submitted. This will include a code assigned to the club you have joined and an eyesight report has to accompany the application.

Once all of this has been done one of two types of licences will be issued, which is either a Novice or Intermediate Novice licence for road racing.