The Choices That Come with Motorcycle Racing

Individuals that own a motorcycle have chosen to do so for a variety of reasons. Most often it starts out for the purpose of pleasure. All motorcyclists will tell you, that being able to ride this type of vehicle provides many wonderful experiences. For many, they really want to step it up a notch and become involved in motorcycle racing. This is not something to new, and it dates back many years.

The Beginning

The first motorcycle to be sold took place as a result of a bike being produced in Germany in 1894, and it wasn’t long before this form of bike was being utilised for racing. This took place in France, just a few years after the introduction of the motorcycle. Britain has a long and successful history when it comes to motorcycle racing. Before the First World War, the racing of motorcycles gained in popularity. It was not until after the second war that the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme came into being. It was this establishment that set the ground rules for road racing, which still holds a lot of credence today. It was the European manufacturers who dominated the GP world races up until 1950.

Motorcycle Racing Genres

Racing circuits for motorcycles consist of road racing, as well as off-road. These can be run on circuits, as well as on track racing. There are variations to motorcycle racing, such as races that include the climbing of hills, and drag racing. Also included in this, is speed record trials for land racing.

Road Racing

Those that are going to race their motorcycles in road racing will be doing so on road surfaces that are paved. The circuits can vary from being a closed circuit to a street circuit. Originally, this type of racing took place on public roads, that were closed for this purpose. For this type of racing, two championships are still in play today. This is the International Road Racing Championship as well as the Duke Road Race Rankings.

The Grand Prixs

Motorcycle Grand Prix racing is broken into three classes when it comes to the championships. These are comprised of Moto2, Moto3, as well as the MotoGP. What is important to note, is that it is four stroke engines, that are used in all three of these classes.

Moto2, in 2010, allowed for two engine types. Following this in 2011 the race is comprised of the Honda controlled four-stroke engines changes for this category of motorcycle racing is taking place in 2019 where the trump motorcycles will replace the Honda.

The Moto GP is classed as the highest category of GP racing. By 2012, this race was comprised of the 1000cc four-stroke engines bikes, that are considered to be Grand Prix motorcycles. They are not based on production motorcycles but are prototype machines.

Superbike Racing

Superbikes also come into the category of motorcycles. These bikes that fit into this category are modifications of the production motorcycles. They must have a four-stroke engine.

Endurance Racing

While most consider motorcycle racing to be based on speed, another important category for racing this type of bike, is endurance racing. The purpose of this is to test, not only the endurance of the rider but the particular machine itself.

These are just some examples of the different types of motorcycle racing that can be enjoyed.